The Fact

Most of the senior executives frequently switch jobs during their career. Executive search consultants assist them in their move to climb the corporate ladder.

The Challenge

Your move to switch jobs at the right time and align great opportunities with your personal career plans is a challenge. On receiving an update of any significant changes in your experience, we assist you to substantially improve your ability to maintain the right balance between personal growth, job satisfaction, and excellent remuneration.

What you can expect from us?

We safeguard your confidentiality by:
  • Obtaining your authorization before submitting your Profile/information to the client organization
  • Not providing your contact references to others without your permission
  • Advising client on confidentiality and the need for utmost

Consulting Relationship

As part of the consulting relationship, our consultants will proactively help you with the specifications of the position to be filled by applying his or her knowledge of the industry.
Clarity about the Position and the Company
It is important for you to know about the position and client organisation in detail, to make the right decision. However, we may be under an obligation to share limited information with you on certain occasions, especially in your early contacts with us. Once you express your interest in being an active candidate or get identified as a qualified candidate, we will endeavour to share complete and accurate information about the company and position with you.
Keeping you informed
Executive search assignments/ mandates involve many steps between initial contact and the ultimate hiring of a successful candidate. The entire process may sometimes take several months. Therefore, we keep communicating with you in a timely manner at each and every step of an assignment, after you become an active candidate.
Based on our understanding of the position and client’s requirements, we give an honest appraisal of where you seem to fit the opportunity and where you do not.
The Candidate / Consultant relationship
We try to ensure that there is no conflict between you and the client’s interest. We do recognize the importance of your decision and respect your interests.

Latest Openings

Some of the senior level career opportunities available with us are listed below. We advertise these positions to reach the best candidates based on our client’s’ needs. Browse through the titles below to decide, if you would like our search consultants to consider you for any of these positions.
Note: This is only an indicative list and the current opportunities, at any point in time, are much larger in number.