Our Services

Board Consulting & Director Search
At Hector & Streak, we have a dedicated group specialising in Board Consulting and Director Search. This group comprises of our most experienced consultants who handle top-level Board, Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) assignments. It only focusses its efforts at the highest level in an organization and works in collaboration with the members of the board. It endeavours to recruit directors whose independence, intellect, integrity, and courage can strengthen the board and create sustained competitive advantage.
Executive Search
Over the last several years, we have been entrusted to build thriving, passionate and performance-driven teams by our clients. Before starting an executive search, we thoroughly understand the strategic, financial and operational challenges as well as cultural nuances of our client organisations. This fresh approach distinguishes us from others. Our research capabilities and understanding of clients’ businesses complement our executive search service.
Middle & Senior Management Roles
A bulk of our efforts has been directed at this segment which is the backbone of every organisation.
Working with start-ups is fun! Many of our consultants have profound knowledge and understanding of the start-up businesses. They have specially chosen to work in such an environment. They have been able to help start-up businesses achieve new heights in many ways, by going beyond pure executive search. For instance, they have provided start-ups with inputs relating to hiring strategies, proposed organisational structures and compensation systems. Also, our consultants help new organisations in refining the specifications of the positions to be filled.