What should you expect when you retain us?
Before agreeing to undertake any search, we will:
  • Confirm whether we have the required resources, time, knowledge and expertise to handle your specific assignment or not.
  • Disclose any and all information or circumstances that might create potential conflicts of interest in our relationship.
  • Disclose limitations that may arise through service to other clients and affect our ability to perform your search assignment.
  • Establish a clear understanding of our "off limits" policy with you.
  • Define the scope and nature of services that we will provide you.
  • Define the fees and expenses that we may incur to serve you.
After agreeing to undertake the search, we will
Assist in clarifying the position to be filled
As your consultant, we will apply our knowledge of the industry and check the potential supply of qualified executives for the vacant position. We will proactively assist you to refine the specifications of the position to be filled, in every possible way.
Undertake thorough research
We will apply our knowledge of the industries and people therein to undertake thorough research, to arrive at target organisations and candidates.
Undertake thorough reference checks
We undertake thorough reference check and verify antecedents of the candidates that you are interested in, to the extent permitted by the law. We also make sure that the privacy of the candidate is not breached during the entire process.
Maintain confidentiality
To be effective in searching a potential candidate, a search consultant requires access to a wide range of information about your business. However, you can rest assured of its confidentiality, as we divulge information to candidates with utmost care and discretion. And if the search requires confidentiality, our consultants will follow all the reasonable and ethical steps to ensure that the confidentiality is maintained.
We appreciate your interest in getting associated with Hector & Streak Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Please contact us on +91 89281 14659 or write to us on hr12@hectorandstreak.com. We will be more than happy to assist you in meeting your requirements.